Server-Sicherung mit Robocopy

Ein schnelles und kostenloses Tool zur PC-/Serversicherung unter Windows ist Robocopy.
Ein Programm, welches über die Befehlszeile gestartet wird. Ein einfaches Skript sieht z. B. so aus:

robocopy /Z /E /R:0 /W:0 <source-path> <dest-path> 
/XD "Temp" "Temporary Internet Files" /XF pagefile.sys hiberfil.sys

  • /Z – this is the network restartable mode, it checks the destination to see if the file already exists and skips, and also provides a % counter as the file copies
  • /E – this tells it to copy sub-folders, including empty ones
  • /R:0 – the default for Robocopy if it can’t get a lock on a file is to retry 3 times, but if it can’t lock a file for reading the first time, it usually never will, so I set it to zero.
  • /W:0 – this is the number of seconds to wait if retrying, because we don’t retry I just set this to zero.
  • <source-path>, <dest-path> should speak for themselves
  • /XD – this is to exlude folders such as “Temp” and “Temporary Internet Files” which I never bother backing up, they should never contain anything useful.
  • /XF – this is to exclude certain files, such as the system Paging and Hibernation files which are really big and are re-created if you ever restore a system.